Meade LX80 AZ/EQ Mount with Coronado SolarMax II 60 Telescope BF10 $2,399.00,  Meade SMT60-10-LX80,Solar Observation Telescopes, Best
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Meade LX80 AZ/EQ Mount with Coronado SolarMax II 60 Telescope BF10

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Sale Price: $2,399.00
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Item No. 112-16040
Manuf. No. Meade SMT60-10-LX80

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(arrives February 2012)

Meade LX80 AZ/EQ Mount with Coronado SolarMax II 60 Telescope BF10, SMT60-10-LX80

A fantastic solar telescope with Multi-Mount.

The Coronado SolarMax II 60 BF10 telescope will bring you views of the sun that will stun and amaze you. Watch solar flares and prominences change shape and move over a few hours in detail only seen from professional observatories a few years ago. No other commercially available Ha telescope provides the tuning range and accuracy of the SolarMax II telescope system.

The patented RichView tuning method works by directly tuning the etalon, the heart of the Coronado Ha filter system, which gives you a greater tuning range and detail than that found on other solar telescopes. The BF10 is better suited to photography than the BF5 version.

Meade Instrument have once again led the way and reduced the cost of high-tech equipment for the amateur astronomer.

In addition to the SolarMax II 90, this package includes the fantastic Meade LX80. With the LX80? Meade, live up to their reputation as world leaders of innovation with the introduction of this exiting new astronomical Multi-Mount! Now you don't have to choose between the ease of setup, and operation, of an alt-azimuth mount and the long duration imaging capability of a German Equatorial. The unique LX80?Multi-Mount has several modes of operation; German Equatorial, Alt-Azimuth and Dual OTA configurations.

The LX80 is built around a solid aluminium structure with two large, tapered roller bearings that handle radial and thrust loads on each axis. This means, depending on the configuration, that it can handle equipment up to a total payload of 34.0kg (75lbs). Precision worm gear drives on both axis deliver both smooth and accurate motion that, coupled with Meade's proprietary SmartDrive?periodic error correction, delivers performance only previously available on much more expensive mounts.

The primary and secondary dovetail plates are industry-standard for maximum compatibility with your own OTA's. Even the rock-solid tripod gets the works with 2" stainless steel legs and, threaded leg level adjusters that make final levelling adjustment simple.

The LX80 AZ/EQ is complete with the Meade AudioStar computerised Goto, hand controller. Not only does this take the hardship out of finding the celestial wonders that you choose to view but you have the option of listening to the audio commentary for many of the objects you are looking at, as you view them through the eyepiece. The MeadeAstronomer Inside?digital audio technology uses the built-in speaker to allow you, and everyone around the telescope, to listen to the interesting and educational information about 500 plus celestial objects contained in its database. This includes planets, nebula, star clusters, our Moon and much more with size, shape, history, origin, and distance from our planet as examples of what you will hear.

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