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Astrogizmos OBSERVATORIES Anchoring Your Greenhouse

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Sale Price: $165.00
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Astrogizmos OBSERVATORIES AstroGazer Earth-Anchoring System AGEAS

Item No. 785-10104
Manuf. No. Astrogizmos AGEAS

Astrogizmos OBSERVATORIES Anchoring Your Greenhouse, AGEAS

Once you have completed the foundation for your greenhouse, it is time to anchor it to the ground. We recommend using the earth anchor system because it is inexpensive, easy to install, and very sturdy. Each earth anchor system includes 4 anchors (one for each corner of your base), 1 drive steel (used to drive anchors into the ground), and galvanized mounting hardware needed to secure the anchors to the base. It is recommended that you use a

Step 1 - Place the earth anchor in the ground approximately 6 inches away from the corner of your greenhouse base. Put the drive steel inside of the anchor and use your hammer to drive it into the ground. A 3 or 4 lb. hammer will be heavy enough to drive the anchor in most soils. A larger hammer may be needed to penetrate hard soils. Drive the anchor until the end of the cable barely touches the edge of the greenhouse base.

Step 2 - Once you have driven the anchor into the ground, Pull the drive steel out of the ground and insert it into the loop at the end of the cable. Pull cable out of the soil 2 to 3 inches. This will rotate the anchor into a horizontal (locked) position. Now you can mount the anchor to your greenhouse base.

Step 3 - Take the loop at the end of your cable and place your lag bolt through it so that the cable is between your washers and the greenhouse base. Secure the lag bolt to the base and you are done. Follow this process for each corner of the greenhouse.

Earth anchors are driven into the ground, and an upward pull on the cable rotates the anchor into a locked position in the soil causing it to resist pullout and increasing the holding power. Anchors will not corrode or rust, and the cable is high strength galvanized steel. Each anchor has a holding power of 1100 lbs. in normal soil and the minimum cable breaking strength is 1700 lbs.

Each Earth anchor set includes: 4 anchors, 2 1/2 ft. cable per anchor, hardware to mount the anchors to your greenhouse base, and a drive steel used to set the anchors. Anchoring Instructions

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