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AstroSystems Quantum Finished TeleKit 13.1 inch

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Sale Price: $2,400.00
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AstroSystems ATM PARTS 13.1" TeleKit-Finished, TKF13.1

Item No. 742-00631
Manuf. No. AstroSystems TKF13.1

Special Order Item Please read terms page before placing order

AstroSystems Quantum Finished TeleKit 13.1 inch, TKF13.1

Do you like all the outstanding features of the AstroSystems TeleKit but don't have the time, space or inclination to build one? Not a problem! We now offer the Quantum finished TeleKit for f/4-f/6 in 10", 12.5", 15",16", 18" (17.5"), 20", 22", 24", 25", 28", 30" and 32" completely finished. Ultra-smooth, four coat polyurethane finish offers unsurpassed protection. We use our own specially formulated penetrant/water resistant primer and 3 topcoats of premium spar polyurethane for unsurpassed water resistance and durability. Truss telescopes may look alike from a distance, but the beautiful golden blonde Baltic Birch complimented by the black accents always stands out among Truss Newtonians. The closer you look, the more obvious the superior workmanship, finish and performance becomes. Sky and Telescope magazine called the TeleKit a "heirloom Dobsonian" in their June 1998 review. Ready to drop in your optics, or we can supply optics from one of many recommended opticians. The finished TeleKit features the same precise CNC routed parts as the TeleKit. A Lycra light shroud and transport system are standard. Only the highest quality stainless steel hardware is used.

Why the Quantum TeleKit is the most advanced truss telescope on the market.

  • QuickSwitch Filter Slide - Focuser: Integrated in the TeleKit with the JMI EV-2 or optional Moonlight or Feathertouch focuser. The four position slide makes it a snap to change filters with a twist of the control knob. No more removal of the eyepiece and thread mis-match. One of the most powerful observing aids is now at your fingertips. It is that quick, easy, and SAFE! *NEW* The filter slide has been modified for compatibility with 2" Bino-viewers and laser collimators that protrude through the slide for proper function. Thousand Oaks nebulae filters are available through AstroSystems.
  • Astrosystems Spider and Secondary Holder: This time tested assembly is rock-solid and has four collimation screws (thumb screws for 2.6" and up) for fast, easy and precise collimation every time. Compatible with AstroSystems Dew Guard.
  • Cooling Fans and Rechargeable Batteries: Cooling fans are incorporated into the mirror cell and come complete with gel-cell batteries, AC and DC chargers. High capacity fans feature brushless, ball bearing construction so they can be used while observing without image vibration.
  • Upper Truss Fasteners: Easy, no-tool 4 point cam action is fast and positive. Four pairs of trusses are much easier to handle than eight loose trusses.
  • Stainless steel hardware: Stainless steel is used throughout with the exception of some internal fasteners, providing strength and corrosion protection.
  • Construction: Both the rocker box and mirror box are constructed with finger jointed Baltic Birch plywood, a professional and durable joint. Slow cure epoxy is used for the ultimate in strength. Baltic Birch plywood has a single sheet of veneer so no unsightly veneer seams.
  • Altitude Bearings: Ultra smooth large radius bearings that move on one teflon and one ball bearing per side. Drive and DSC compatible. Fingertip motion and complete control of resistance.
  • Mirror Cell: The easy access tailgate assembly allows quick access to the primary mirror. Just remove two bolts to drop down the mirror cell to clean or remove the mirror. This makes installing and removing the mirror much safer, especially for large optics. The mirror transport system protects the primary mirror and flotation assembly by supporting the primary mirror on cushioned pads. The cushioned stainless steel sling insures accurate collimation by maintaining the primary mirror position. With hundreds of TeleKits in the field, this support method has proved to be the optimum method of primary mirror support to achieve the best planetary resolution and deep-sky images.
  • Azimuth Bearing: Three sets of sealed ball bearings ride on stainless steel axles. Low maintenance and zero backlash. The adjustable brake is standard.
  • Truss Tubes: Telekits are supplied with 6061-T6 seamless aluminum trusses. They are protected with a black, heat shrink protective coating. The light shroud, a $100.00 option with most truss telescopes sold, is a TeleKit standard feature.
  • Upper Cage: The upper cage is light, strong and can be stored in the mirror box. This feature provides safer and more compact transportation.
  • Lower Clamp Blocks: Located inside the mirror box for an uncluttered look. They are strong and precise and require no tools.
Please note:
  • Finished TeleKit sizes of 24" to 32" are made to order. Custom delivery times can be 3-5 months.
  • Regular TeleKit delivery times can vary from 4 weeks to 4 months depending on the size of the telescope and stock on hand. Each finished TeleKit has a customer file that is started when the order is placed.

  • Finished TeleKits require a 50% deposit to secure your place in the production schedule. 20% of the deposit will be forfeited if the order is cancelled for a non-emergency.
Weight: 85 lbs.

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