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Takahashi 11x70 Finderscope
Sale Price: $619.95
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Takahashi Finder Scope 11x70 Finder Scope, 4.2 Degree FOV TVF1170

Item No. 711-40520
Manuf. No. Takahashi TVF1170

Takahashi 11x70 Finderscope, TVF1170

The Takahashi 11x70 Finderscope packs a power punch of light gathering ability with 70mm of clear aperture... and zeros in on your target with an impressive 11X magnifiying power.

This is a straight-thru, upright design which does not include brackets. The Takahashi 11x70 Finderscope is beautifully finished in Takahashi green to match your prized Tak fleet. With the right accessories, this great finderscope with lens shade could also serve as a small spotter and "Grab and Go" unit!

Are you looking for a finderscope that's a cut above the average? Then check out the Takahashi 11x70 Finderscope TVF1170. With a highly respectible 70mm of clear aperture, we're talking about a finder scope which has a much light gathering ability as a small, beginning refractor! Add to that a focus adjusting eyepiece power of 11X and you'll be "spotting" your bigger and brighter astronomical targets right through the finder!

The straight-through design of the Takahashi 11x70 Finderscope TVF1170 means a whole lot less guesswork when aiming at the stars - its body acting as a reflex finder. And, what's more, this small telescope/finderscope turns itself into a real class act by matching perfectly with the rest of your Tak fleet!

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