Parallax Instruments PI400 16 inch f/6 Newtonian Reflector OTA Telescope $10,650.00,  Parallax Instruments PI400,Optical Tubes (OTA) Telescopes, Buy online
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  Parallax Instruments Optical Tubes (OTA) Telescopes
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Parallax Instruments
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Parallax Instruments PI400 16 inch f/6 Newtonian Reflector OTA Telescope
Sale Price: $10,650.00
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Parallax Instruments Newtonian Reflector 16" OTA Telescope w/Feather Touch 2" focuser, f/6, 8x50 finder, PI400

Item No. 608-10040
Manuf. No. Parallax Instruments PI400

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Parallax Instruments 16 inch f/6 Newtonian Reflector OTA Telescope, PI400

Many amateurs have contacted us over the years complaining that their apochromatic refractors, although providing sharp, crisp images, just don't show them the ultra fine detail on Jupiter that they saw through a 12.5" Newtonian at a star party. Our answer to them has been simply that there is no secret here. As Dawes limit suggests, only the larger aperture can resolve the finest filamentary structures on a planetary disc.

The 12.5" PI320 and the 16" PI400 round out our line of large aperture, high performance telescopes. These research grade instruments, due to their enormous light gathering and resolving power are capable of both deep sky and planetary performance only dreamed of and represent the ultimate in a personal telescope. All models carry a focal ratio of F/6, yielding a generous image scale while remaining relatively manageable in physical size. Unparalleled optics, very special optimizing techniques, and the highest quality components are employed throughout.

The primary mirror cells of the 12.5" & 16" instruments are provided with a cooling fan as standard equipment. Energizing the cooling fan before an observing session ensures more rapid thermal equalization of the primary mirror to the outside ambient temperature. In fact, we recommend that the fan be run continuously while observing. The resulting laminar airflow significantly reduces the effects of tube currents early in an observing session.

Although large in aperture, the 12.5" telescope, weighing in at 70 Lbs., may still be handled by one person due to its entirely aluminum construction. The 16" telescope is designed primarily for installation in a personal observatory and is also well suited for schools or universities. Our HD200 Equatorial mount is perfectly suited to handle these large telescopes.

Parallax Instruments Product Number: PI400


  • Model: PI400
  • Optical Configuration: Newtonian reflector
  • Effective Aperture: 406mm (16")
  • Primary Mirror: Pyrex
  • Focal Ratio: F/6, F.L.= 2436mm
  • Secondary Mirror: 79mm (3.10")
  • Resolving Power: .29 arc sec.
  • Faintest magnitude: 15.6
  • Tube length: 2438mm (96")
  • Tube diam.: 482mm (19")
  • Tube Weight: 50kg (110 lbs.)
  • Finder: 8X50
  • Focuser: 2" dual speed or 2.7" photographic (specify)

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