Konus Microscopes Trinocular Biorex 3 Biological 1000x Microscope $749.99,Free Shipping,  Konus 5605,Biological & Medical Use Microscopes, Low Price
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  Konus Biological & Medical Use Microscopes
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Konus Microscopes Trinocular Biorex 3 Biological 1000x Microscope

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Sale Price: $749.99
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Item No. 319-05605
Manuf. No. Konus 5605

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Konus Microscopes Trinocular Biorex 3 Biological 1000x Microscope, 5605

The Konus Biorex 3 Microscope offers students and laboratory users a highly functional, well-constructed 1000x trinocular microscope at an attractive price. It has a 360 degree revolving binocular head set at a 45 degree angle to the base, with interpupillary adjustment as well. The view can easily be shared amongst users very quickly, without losing focus or center point. It is supplied with 10x eyepieces and a quartet of achromatic objectives (4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x) for 1000x maximum magnification.

As a trinocular version of the Biorex series, this model has a 3rd optical path in addition to the normal binocular viewing, and this path is typically used for photomicrography or for displaying the image live to a screen for teaching purposes.

The Biorex 3's double focusing speeds and large geared stage make finding and observing your specimen simple. The Biorex 3 has an extensive system of accessories, such as photo adapters, viewing filters, and a 60x objective or 15x eyepieces. A filter holder and a blue filter are standard equipment.

Konus makes the Biorex 3 functional in any voltage regulation worldwide, and the instruction booklet provides descriptions in multiple languages.


  • High-quality hard coated optics
  • 45 degree Angled binocular viewing with 360 degree revolving base
  • Separate 3rd optical path for general photomicrography
  • Simultaneous viewing and display to computer/projector/television screen possible
  • Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x, & 100x objectives
  • 10x-power, 18mm field diameter eyepieces
  • Large (132mm x 140mm) mechanical stage with geared low position coaxial control
  • Filter holder and blue filter included (other filters available optionally)
  • Dual coarse/fine movement focusing
  • 20W Halogen illumination with brightness adjustment
  • 1.25 NA Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm
  • Universal voltage capacity works worldwide
  • Microscope Type Trinocular
  • Eyepiece 10x (DIN standard)
  • Objective(s) 4x, 10x, 40x, & 100x
  • Focuser Dual-axis geared rack & pinion
  • Light Source 20W halogen lamp with brightness control
  • Light Control Achromatic condenser with iris diaphragm
  • Specimen Stage 132 x 140mm with geared movement

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