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SBIG CFW-402 Filter Wheel with Filters

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Sale Price: $379.00
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Item No. 757-60403
Manuf. No. SBIG CFW402-BVIC

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SBIG CFW-402 Filter Wheel with Filters, CFW402-BVI

The ST-402ME has an internal filter wheel that was originally designed with custom RGBC filters for color imaging. When installed, the filter carousel replaces the shutter wheel and acts as both filter wheel and shutter. Due to the filter/shutter wheel design, the filters must be very thin, about 1mm, and only 85mm in diameter. They are also permanently mounted to the carousel. This means it is not possible to add "off-the-shelf" photometric filters to the camera without buying an external filter wheel because most photometric filters are about 5 mm thick and made for 1.25" filter cells. There is no provision for adding standard 1.25" filters inside the camera, although if one is using only one filter, such as a V filter, it can be screwed into the nosepiece for single color measurements.

Previously we have recommended the CFW10 filter wheel with 1.25" filters for multi-band photometry with the ST-402ME, or the ST-7XMEI camera (which uses the same imaging CCD) and CFW8A filter wheel. In response to requests for an easier and lower cost option, we have designed a photometric filter set permanently mounted on a replacement internal carousel for the ST-402ME.

The BVI carousel can be easily installed by the user and exchanged with a plain shutter or an RGBC filter carousel at any time.

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