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Kowa TSN-PS1 Digiscoping Camera Support Bracket

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MSRP: $285.00
Sale Price: $255.00
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Item No. 268-94200
Manuf. No. Kowa TSN-PS1

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Kowa TSN-PS1 Digiscoping Camera Support Bracket, TSN-PS1

The Kowa TSN-PS1 Camera Support Bracket provides improved support for digiscoping with Kowa 88mm and 77mm series spotting scopes. On one end it provides support to the actual 88mm or 77mm spotting scope, and on the other end supports either a TSN-PZ or TSN-PA6 camera adapter, which can get weighted down by the camera attached to them. This bracket ties all pieces together into one unit, thereby minimizing the chance of getting lens blur during the image capture. This is especially an issue since combining the scope with the camera results in ultra-telephoto photography.

All ventures in the world of digiscoping require the use of a sturdy tripod, first and foremost. You must take great care to keep vibrations during exposure to an absolute minimum. Employing a cable release, electronic release or remote control for tripping the shutter is highly recommended.

Allows for improved balancing of combined spotting scope/camera adapter/SLR camera combination

  • For Straight-Viewing 77mm & 88mm Scopes
  • Use with TSN-PZ or TSN-PA6 SLR Adapters

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