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Meade Custom-Height Pier for the Max Mount
Sale Price: $2,999.00
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Item No. 612-30992
Manuf. No. Meade 07009

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Meade Custom-Height Pier for the Max Mount, 07009

This is a Custom-Height Pier for the Meade Max equatorial mount. This pier is a straight-up altazimuth design, but will easily support the Max mount and its enormous payload without the slightest hint of vibration.

The Meade MAX Mount Pier 07009 is a Telescope Accessory for the Meade MAX Robotic German Equatorial Mount. The MAX Mount Pier by Meade is designed for permanent installation. It has been designed to safely carry MAX's massive payload in all orientations. Whether being mounted in a professional observatory, or in an amateur's back yard, the pier is durable to withstand vibration and strong enough to carry the weight of the MAX EQ Mount and Meade Telescope payload. The Meade MAX Mount Pier 07009 comes standard in the Meade Max Robotic German Equatorial Mount with AZ Altazimuth Pier MAX-02.

Note: The Pier height must be specified at the time of order. Maximum Height 48 inches. 24 inches and less is anodized. More than 24 inches is powder coated.

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