Meade 114EQ-ASTR 4.5" (114mm) f/8 Reflector Telescope, Rack-&-Pinion Focuser, Equatorial Mount, 2 Eyepieces, Red Dot Viewfinder, & Tripod $199.99,  Meade 04067-1,Refracting Telescopes, Famouse
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Meade 114EQ-ASTR 4.5

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Sale Price: $199.99
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Item No. 112-30195
Manuf. No. Meade 04067-1

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Meade 114EQ-ASTR 4.5" (114mm) f/8 Reflector Telescope, Rack-&-Pinion Focuser, Equatorial Mount, 2 Eyepieces, Red Dot Viewfinder, & Tripod

Meade 114EQ-AR 114mm Telescope Equatorial Reflector with Red Dot ViewFinder 04067 is an excellent beginner telescope, and is designed to observe objects in the sky. This Meade Telescope can be your personal window on the universe. Reflector Telescopes are a favorite of Amateur Astronomers providing the most light-gathering for the investment. Meade 114 EQ AR Telescope is perfect for observing the Moon and planets like Saturn and Jupiter in detail. With Meade 114mm Reflecting Telescope 04067 you can also view deep space objects like the Great Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy. Large 114 mm Diameter Reflective Mirror of Meade 114EQ AR Telescope captures more light for brighter images and greater detail (this telescope gathers 361% more light than a 60mm telescope). Included with Meade 114EQ-AR Telescope, two Meade Premium 1.25" Telescope Eyepieces - for low to high power observing - provide superior eye relief and a wide visual field.

Included Meade AutoStar Suite Software will help you learn the night sky. It displays more than 10,000 celestial objects including planets, stars, galaxies and nebulas. You can print out star charts and even plan your observing sessions. This amazing planetarium software and Meade Instructional Video will teach you the night sky and how to use your Meade Telescope. Meade 114EQ AR Telescope 's Deluxe Equatorial Mount mount facilitates the smooth tracking between sky objects with precision gears and spring-steel cable controls. Meade Reflector Telescope 114-EQ AR 04067 includes Meade Red Dot Projection Viewfinder for easy acquisition of guide stars while star-hopping between celestial targets. Meade 114mm Reflecting Telescope 04067 also come with Aluminum Tripod w/ Accessory Tray.

A first look at the rings of Saturn or the craters of the Moon can inspire a lifetime of exploration. Go to any star party anywhere in the world and you'll see more Meade Telescopes than any other. Serious astronomers for years have flocked to Meade telescopes for their premium quality optical systems and patented technology. Consumers know that "Meade Optics Inside" means that what they see through Meade Telescopes will be views that are detailed, crisp and full of contrast.

Specifications for Meade 114EQ-AR Telescope 04067:

  • Optical Design: Equatorial Reflector
  • Optical Diameter: 114mm (4.5") mirror
  • Focal Length; f/ratio: 900mm; f/8
  • Mounting Type: Equatorial mount, with deluxe slow-motion controls
  • Viewfinder: Red Dot Finder Scope
  • Tripod: Aluminum; full-length; adjustable; with accessory tray
  • Eyepieces: (1.25") MH 9mm, MA 25mm
  • Software: Meade AutoStar Suite, PC-compatible DVD
  • UPC: 709942216790
Features of Meade 114EQ AR 114mm Reflecting Telescope 04067:
  • Large 114mm Diameter Reflective Mirror f/8
  • Red Dot Viewfinder
  • Deluxe Equatorial Mount
  • Deluxe Slow-motion Controls
  • Package Contents:
  • Meade 114EQ-AR 114mm Telescope Equatorial Reflector 04067
  • Two Meade Telescope Eyepieces: 1.25" 9mm and 25mm
  • Red Dot View Finder
  • Aluminum Tripod w/ Accessory Shelf
  • Meade AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition Software
  • Instructional DVD

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