Konus College 600X Biological Monocular Microscope $114.99,  Konus 5302,Student & Educational Use Microscopes, Top 10
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Konus College 600X Biological Monocular Microscope

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Sale Price: $114.99
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Item No. 319-05302
Manuf. No. Konus 5302

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Konus College 600X Biological Monocular Microscope, 5302

The Konus College 600X Biological Monocular Microscope is a professionally designed student microscope that includes a 15x wide field eyepiece and three interchangeable achromatic objectives (4x, 10x, 40x). It incorporate a rack and pinion focusing system with micrometrical and macro metrical adjustment, and illumination is provided by a Concave sub-stage mirror and illumination control is provided by a light condenser lens, with iris diaphragm and filter-holder.


  • Includes 15x wide-field eyepiece.
  • Straight hollow tube design with a focal length 160mm making it useable for microphotography.
  • Three position turret nosepiece with three achromatic objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x).
  • Wide 120x110mm stage with slide clips.
  • Double focus adjustments, with macro metric and micrometric for fine regulation and lens protective focus lock.
  • Illumination provided by 46mm concave mirror.
  • Light condenser lens with iris diaphragm and filter holder regulate incoming light.
  • Solid, stable metal stand can be inclined to 90 degrees for more comfortable observation.
  • Microscope Type Biological Monocular
  • Body Type Adjustable-inclination
  • Eyepiece 15x wide-field
  • Nosepiece 3 position turret
  • Objective(s) 4x, 10x, 40x
  • Head Standard Monocular
  • Focuser Rack-and-pinion mechanism with precision coarse and-fine adjustment
  • Light Source Sub-stage concave mirror
  • Light Control Condenser lens with Iris diaphragm
  • Specimen Stage 110mm x 120mm with spring slide clips

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