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Televue Focusmate Driver - Universal
MSRP: $250.00
Sale Price: $195.00
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Item No. 704-57030
Manuf. No. Televue FDU-2003

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TeleVue Focusmate Universal Driver

For visual or CCD use, focusing a Tele Vue telescope can now be smoother, more accurate and vibration - free when you add the Focusmate plus the new Universal Focusmate Driver. This adjustable speed electric motor drive installs easily onto the Focusmate 6:1 fine focus unit, and offers a unique quick disconnect for switching (without tools) between electric and manual operation.

If the Digital Micrometer Kit (DMK-0002), is also installed, measurement is possible to an unprecedented .0001" (1/10,000"). A gentle tap on the motor direction switch can produce steps as small as about .0005" (5/10,000").

All Tele Vue scopes having focusing knobs with 5 holes will accept the Focusmate 6:1 reducer and the Focusmate Driver. All current production Tele Vue scopes from the TV-76 through NP-127 now accept the Digital Micrometer Kit, as well, so that their fullest imaging and visual performance can be realized. Truly, focusing will be ııeven better than you imagined.


  • The TeleVue Focusmate Universal Driver attaches to the Televue Focusmate 6:1 fine focus unit, regardless of which side of the telescope the Focusmate is attached to.
  • Add the Digital Micrometer Kit and achieve fine focus measurements up to 1/10,000 of an inch!
  • The Televue Focusmate Universal Driver is an adjustable speed electric motor that can be disconnected quickly if you choose to operate your focuser manually instead of electrically.

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