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Televue Gibraltar5 Mount with Ash Tripod & Sky Tour

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MSRP: $2,300.00
Sale Price: $1,855.00
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Item No. 704-51010
Manuf. No. Televue GAS-5016

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The New Gibraltar5 Alt-Az Head is an inch wider than the original Tele-Pod version. It has larger bearings, and cradle holes to accept the NP127 baseplate as well as all other Televue scopes.

The mount comes with a very solid and nice-looking Ash tripod.


  • The TeleVue Gibraltar Mount is a heavy-duty alt-az mount which includes Gibraltar5 head and ash tripod with center tray.
  • A sturdy mount for the NP-127 as well as other Televue scopes.
  • The TeleVue Gibraltar Mount includes Sky Tour, which guides you to over 2,000 objects.
About the TeleVue Sky Tour Computer

The Sky Tour object locator adds "brains" to the Gibraltar Mount's brawn. With its exclusive Lorenzin 2000+ database and refinements such as backlit button names, 10 character smooth scrolling display and advanced "identify" capability, Sky Tour brings the hand-held computer to a new feature/ performance level - a Televue level of convenience and ease of use.

More than just a star chart Iisting, Tom Lorenzin's 2000+ database is a collection of interesting and observable double and triple stars, bright & dark nebulae, galaxies, star clusters and colored stars most suited to Televue telescopes.

The 2000+ objects are organized into six catalogs: NGC (New General Cat.), M (Messier), IC (lndex Cat.), ST (Star), NS (Non-Standard), and PL (Planets). For quick reference, an additional FAV catalog is available to store 250 of your favorite objects.

Televue believes that the fun of astronomy is in the observing. Set-up and equipment operation is kept to a minimum. Sky Tour instructions are easy to follow and include step-by-step diagrams. A simple phone plug connects the computer to the Gibraltar Mount. Turn Sky Tour on, align the marks on the Gibraltar Mount head, sight two known stars from a choice of 31 and Sky Tour is ready to lead you on your evening's journey. A little familiarity with the stars, and the alignment will take slightly longer than it did to read this paragraph!

SkyTour's functions are organized into nine "modes. " They are: Star Fix, RA DEC, Catalog, Guide, Align, Identify, Timer, Install, and Encoder. Once Sky Tour is aligned, you'll enter the Catalog mode and choose an object to view. The Guide mode shows you the direction to move the scope in order to find the selected object. Finding over 2000 objects is as simple as that!

Sky Tour also gives you digital setting circles by converting Alt/Az positioning into Right Ascension and declination. The RA DEC mode lets you hunt for any object in the sky just by looking up its RA and DEC position.

Package includes FREE bonus copy of "The Deep Sky: An Introduction" by Philip S. Harrington -- which includes a complete star atlas and list of 300 of the finest deep-sky objects.

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