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Coronado DS Mount for Solar Telescopes

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Sale Price: $229.99
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Item No. 729-94005
Manuf. No. Coronado DSM

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The Coronado DS Mount, aka the "DSM", is a computer-controlled alt-azimuth mount created as an accessory for solar telescopes like the Coronado PST, SolarMax 40, and SolarMax 60 H-alpha telescopes!

Synch on and track the Sun with the 497 AutoStar controller that comes standard with the Coronado DS Mount.

The DS Mount comes with a DS-200 fork mount, tripod, 497 controller, compass with bubble level, and universal bracket.

The Coronado DS Mount offers solar tracking for solar telescopes like the Coronado PST, SolarMax 40, SolarMax 60 on an affordable AutoStar computer-controlled alt-az mount. The DSM includes the DS-2000 fork mount and tripod, a 497 AutoStar controller, compass with bubble level and universal bracket and screws for mounting the PST, SolarMax 40 and SolarMax 60 scopes. Simply level the mount, point the scope north, turn the mount on, slew the scope to the Sun and hold down the GoTo key to sync on the Sun.

This lightweight computerized Coronado DSM mount is designed to hold the Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telescope) and SolarMax 40, 60, and 70 solar telescopes and track the Sun automatically while you observe. You no longer have to manually track the Sun with an altazimuth mount or piggyback your solar scope on your big telescope to enjoy solar observing. The battery-operated Meade DS-Series telescope mount, specially modified for Coronado, is light enough to pick up in one hand and take outside on a momentıs notice for instant solar prominence gratification. Includes:

  • a lightweight single fork arm with built-in battery-operated dual motor drives
  • a full-length adjustable height tripod with accessory tray
  • a universal bracket and mounting hardware to hold Coronado PST and SolarMax 40/60/70 solar scopes
  • an AutoStar computer hand control
  • fast no-guesswork alignment on the Sun
Features of this mount
  • Fork mount/drive system: Lightweight Meade DS-Series single fork arm altazimuth design with pre-installed dual DC servo motor drives modified for solar observing with Coronado solar telescopes. A compartment in the drive base accepts eight user-supplied AA batteries for powering the telescope. The large declination knob is easy to grip and tightens in place with ease, making it easier to adjust the scopeıs position. A supplied universal mounting bracket and hardware let you install a Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telescope) or SolarMax 40, 60, or now-discontinued SolarMax 70 solar telescope on the mount for effortless solar observing. The SolarMax 90 scope is too large and heavy to use on this mount.

  • Adjustable height tripod: The preassembled aluminum tripod is adjustable in height to put the scopeıs eyepiece at a comfortable level for observing. A compass with bubble level allows the fast and accurate leveling of the mount and alignment on the North needed for accurate long-term solar tracking. The tripodıs center leg brace holds a convenient accessory tray to keep your eyepieces close at hand. The tray has a built-in holder for the AutoStar computer hand control.

  • AutoStar computer control: The supplied AutoStar #497 computer hand control is specially modified for solar observing. Simply level the mount and manually point the scope North using the supplied compass and bubble level. Turn the mount on and use the directional pushbuttons on the AutoStar hand control to slew the scope to the Sun. Once the Sun is centered, using the solar finder built into the PST (optional with the SolarMax scopes), hold down the GoTo key on the AutoStar hand control to sync the mount on the Sun. The DSM will then follow the Sun accurately for as long as you care to observe.
For the solar observer who owns a Coronado solar scope and wants virtually effortless tracking of the Sun and fast set-up for spur-of-the-moment observing, the Coronado DSM mount opens up the daytime skies at an exceptionally modest cost.

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