Technical Innovations Home Dome Astronomy Observatory 6' DIAM dome only  $3,295.00,  Technical Innovations HD-6,Astronomy Observatories Accessories, For Sale
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  Technical Innovations Astronomy Observatories Accessories
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Technical Innovations
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Technical Innovations Home Dome Astronomy Observatory 6' DIAM dome only
Sale Price: $3,295.00
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Item No. 780-10000
Manuf. No. Technical Innovations HD-6

Special Order Item Please read terms page before placing order

Technical Innovations Home Dome Observatory 6 feet diam. (Short), HD6S


  • Dome Diameter..................72 inches
  • Base Ring Height............... 9 inches on HD6; n/a on PD6
  • Wall Ring Height.................45 inches on PD6; n/a on HD6
  • Inside Height Center............3 feet 10 inches on HD6; 6 feet 10 inches on PD6
  • Door Opening width.............19 inches on PD6; none on HD6
  • Number of Rollers................9 on HD6; 10 on PD6
  • Shutter Slot Width...............30 inches
  • Slot Past Zenith..................10 inches
  • Dome Weight.....................110 pounds for HD6; 200 pounds for PD6
  • Electric Motors...................Optional
  • Automation.........................Optional
The HD6, six foot dome "short", is designed for mounting upon an existing structure. The dome comes with a 9" high "Base Ring" which contains the rotation system. The complete dome is 3'10" high on the inside and weighs only 110 pounds assembled. The outside diameter of the Base Ring is 72" and the 3" mounting flange turns to the inside. The shutter is a full 30" wide and opens 12" past the zenith.

The 6' diameter HOME-DOME observatory provides all the convenience and protection of large observatories, but in a limited space. Its small size allows installation on almost any building or structure and is less imposing in communities where neighbors have concerns about their view of your property. Though compact, the PD6 dome will easily accommodate a pier-mounted Schmidt-Cassegrain up to 12", or, depending on the mounting design a 6" Newtonian. There is space for you and a guest but for larger groups, a 10' dome is more appropriate. The 6' HOMEDOME observatory is available in two models. Each has the same 74" diameter dome with a 30" wide slot opening and two piece shutter system. The two shutters move up-and-over, automatically disengaging during opening to nest together at the rear of the dome when open.

This patented design makes the full shutter opening available to the astronomer (and assists in sky orientation for students). The dome turns easily on hard rubber, sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted on the base ring portion of the wall. You can add motors to rotate the dome and move the shutters, and even fully automate and operate the dome remotely with our Digital Dome Works package.

Weather protection is assured by overlapping flanges and baffling, not seals that will wear out or deteriorate. Temperature control is provided by a brilliant white exterior gel coat that normally keeps inside temperature within a few degrees of the shade temperature, so no cool-down period is required before your observing session begins. A dark blue interior helps preserve dark adaptation.

The domes use bolt-together construction. Assembly requires alignment of parts, measuring and drilling bolt holes, and use of common hand and power tools. Larger holes, for rollers and latches, are cut and finished at the factory. Typically, domes are assembled in place by two or three persons, without cranes or special equipment. The HD6 can typically be assembled in one day with two people

The HD6 is our "short" 6' observatory, intended for mounting on your own structure or walls. The dome sits on a 9" high base ring for a total internal height of 3'10". The HD-6S is strong but very lightweight and can be mounted on a rectangular skirt for an additional 4" of height.

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