Meade LX90-SC 8 inch Go-to altazimuth Schmidt-Cassegrain, with UHTC multicoatings and GPS $1,799.00,  Meade 0810-90-05,Catadioptric Telescopes, Best Price
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Meade LX90-SC 8 inch Go-to altazimuth Schmidt-Cassegrain, with UHTC multicoatings and GPS

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Sale Price: $1,799.00
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Item No. 112-34000
Manuf. No. Meade 0810-90-05

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Meade LX90-SC 8 inch Go-to altazimuth Schmidt-Cassegrain, with UHTC multicoatings and GPS, 08109005

The Meade 8"LX90-SC provides the backyard astronomer with a big feature-filled scope at a very attractive price. With its UHTC group multicoated Schmidt-Cassegrain optics providing the equivalent of three-quarters of an inch of extra light-gathering aperture (compared with an 8?scope with standard coatings), you can literally never run out of celestial objects to see and photograph with this 8?telescope. The Meade 8?LX90-SC is a scope that can keep you happily observing for the rest of your life, at a price that you can afford right now.

The LX90-SC"s AudioStar computer is amazingly simple to use. You don't have to know Polaris from the Pleiades, or Albireo from Zubeneschamali to find your way around the skies. All you have to do is level the scope, point it North, and let the built-in GPS receiver tell the AudioStar computer where you are on Earth and the time and date. The AudioStar will do the rest, aligning the scope on the skies and leading you to two alignment stars. Visually confirm that the scope is centered on those stars and you're ready to let the computer locate dozens of deep space objects for you automatically and accurately. The GPS/AudioStar system will let you navigate the skies like a seasoned observer your very first night out.

Features of This Telescope:

  • Schmidt-Cassegrain optics: 8" aperture (2000mm focal length f/10). Fully-multicoated UHTC (Ultra High Transmission Coatings) optics with oversized primary mirror for the highest possible off-axis image brightness. Aluminum tube construction with glare-stop baffling. Guaranteed diffraction-limited performance.

    New AudioStar Handbox

    AudioStar with Astronomer Inside Standard on the LX90 and LT lines of telescopes. Here's why your customers will be excited to get this amazing new product. Only Meade Instruments' NEW AudioStar with Astronomer Inside does all this:

    • Look and listen as the Astronomer Inside guides you through the universe, describing, in detail, the objects you are seeing in the eyepiece. With over four hours of audio descriptions of astronomical objects including planets, stars, constellations, clusters, nebula, galaxies and more, the AudioStar brings astronomy to life. It's like having a professional astronomer standing next to you at the telescope.
    • The NEW AudioStar with Astronomer Inside takes you on a guided tour. Shows you the best objects in your sky from your location and time and then plays audio descriptions of those objects so you learn the details of what you are seeing.
    • The NEW AudioStar knows the sky so you don't have to. It controls the telescope to find and track any of over 30,000 celestial objects automatically.
    • The NEW AudioStar with Astronomer Inside and the intelligence integrated into these Meade Instruments' telescopes provides the user with all the experience and astronomical knowledge that a professional astronomer could offer.

    • Finderscope: 8 x 50mm straight-through achromatic design, with a 5?field of view and 12mm eye relief. It focuses by loosening the trim ring behind the objective lens cell, screwing the lens cell in or out to focus, and tightening the trim ring to lock in the correct focus.

    • Star diagonal: 1.25" 90?prism type.

    • Eyepiece: 1.25" 26mm Series 4000 Super Plıssl (77x). The eyepiece field of view is 0.65? 30% wider than the full Moon, for expansive lunar and deep space views.
    Features of the Mount:
    • Fork mount/drive system: Die-cast aluminum drive base. Light-weight, but rigid, die-cast aluminum dual fork arms with a carrying handle on each fork arm. The mount includes servo-controlled 12V DC slewing and tracking motors in both altitude and azimuth. The motors are powered by eight user-supplied C-cell batteries that fit into the drive base. An optional #RCXAC adapter is available to power the scope from 110-120 volt 60 Hz AC household current in your back yard to conserve battery life. High capacity rechargeable 12 VDC battery packs are also available.

    • Adjustable height tripod: The tripod (the same one used on Meade's premium 8" and 10" LX200 telescopes) adjusts in height from 30" to 44". It has 2" diameter steel legs that damp vibrations quickly, with a center leg brace that locks the legs firmly in place for added rigidity. Three 1.25" diameter holes in the leg brace can hold eyepieces while observing. A single threaded rod with a large hand-tighten knob simultaneously holds the scope firmly on the tripod and locks the legs rigidly in the most stable position.

    • Audiostar computer: The LX90-SC's Audiostar computer hand control plugs into the telescope's fork arm to permit a wide array of telescope options. First and foremost is its automatic go-to capability. The Audiostar computer can show you the planets and thousands of deep space objects the very first night you use your scope--even if you've never used a telescope before! At the push of a button, the LX90-SC will move at a fast 6.5?per second to any of the more than 30,000 deep sky and solar system objects in its database, then track it flawlessly across the sky while you observe at your leisure. There are standard solar, lunar, and sidereal tracking rates with 2000 precision-selected incremental rates that permit observatory-level precision in tracking the Moon and planets. The Autostar includes a dual-axis drive corrector for long-exposure guided astrophotography.

    • Autostar computer operation: Using the LX90-SC AutoStar computer is simplicity itself. Simply mount the scope on its tripod, turn it on, aim the scope North, and level the optical tube. The built-in 16-channel GPS receiver locks onto the network of orbiting GPS satellites to determine your observing locationıs latitude, longitude, date, and time. Using this information, the LX90-SC orients itself to the sky and slews at 6.5 degrees per second to the first of two alignment stars. If that star is not precisely centered in the finderscope or main scope optics, a touch or two on the Autostar hand controlıs directional push buttons quickly centers it. Do the same with the second alignment star the scope moves to and youıre ready to observe. That's it! For more details, click on the ıcomputer" icon above.

    • AutoStar Suite Software: This software package integrates the LX90-SC with your PC or laptop computer for an enhanced range of performance features. It includes a planetarium program with a database of 19,000,000 stars and deep space objects to display on your computer screen. Connect the scope to your computer using the supplied cable, click on any object in the sky map on your computer screen, and your LX90-SC automatically slews to that object. You can use it to control your telescope remotely via the Internet. ıT "Talking Telescope" software (included) converts AudioStar text displays to synthesized speech through your computer speaker. And you can use all of the program's planetarium features for planning future observing sessions when nights are cloudy by automatically generating AudioStar Tours of favorite objects with a simple point and click.
    The simple tripod/altazimuth mount configuration of the LX90-SC with UHTC optics makes setup fast and easy. The automatic alignment features of the GPS receiver and AudioStar computer and its simplified menus will start you observing in only a matter of minutes. The wide array of objects in the LX90-SC database, and the 5 arc minute pointing accuracy of the AudioStar computer, will accurately speed you from object to object with no frustrating hunting or star hopping. With the LX90-SC, youıll spend more of your time looking at objects and less time looking for them. With the 15% additional light transmission of its UHTC optics youıll spend less time photographing them, as well.

    If you're one of those busy people whose schedule doesnıt leave you much time to enjoy astronomy, an easy-to-use fully-computerized LX90-SC with UHTC optics will make the most of your limited observing opportunities.

    Just how much can you find to see and photograph with an 8" Meade LX90-SC Schmidt-Cassegrain with UHTC multicoatings? Enough wonders to last a lifetime!


    • 8?f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube assembly with UHTC optics (multicoated aluminum mirrors and a multicoated Schmidt corrector);
    • double-tine fork mount with dual-axis 4.9"worm gears and control panel;
    • built-in 16-channel Sony GPS receiver;
    • electric slow-motion controls on both axes;
    • AudioStar hand controller with digital readout display, 9-speed drive controls on both axes, and go-to controller;
    • 30,223 celestial object database;
    • internal battery holder accepts 8 (user-supplied) C-cells (optional adapters permit powering from either a 12VDC auto cigarette lighter plug or rechargeable battery or from a 110-120VAC home outlet);
    • 8 x 50mm straight-through viewfinder;
    • 1.25"diagonal prism;
    • Series 4000 Super Plossl 26mm eyepiece (77x);
    • AutoStar Suite Software;
    • adjustable height field tripod;
    • operating instructions.

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