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SBIG CFW9 Color Filter Wheel with RGBC Filters

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SBIG CFW9 Color Filter Wheel with RGBC Filters

CFW-9 Color Filter Wheel for ST-7/8/9/10/2000 cameras that have USB electronics. This color filter wheel generates tricolor images and holds up to five 1.25" filters - Red, Green, Blue, and Clear filters are included in this package. Plugs into I2C-AUX port on camera - not for older parallel port cameras.

The CFW9 will be essentially the same size and shape as the CFW8A, and will match an ST-series camera body when directly bolted to the front. The two CFW's will be difficult to tell apart by simply looking at them, but there may be some slight difference in backfocus. The CFW9 will have the same capacity of five 1.25" filters so there is little practical difference in the two except that the CFW9 will plug into the I2C-AUX port on the cameras instead of the AO/CFW/SCOPE port as the CFW8A did. This also means the CFW9 will not be compatible with older parallel versions of the ST series cameras, it will only work with ST cameras that have USB electronics.

SBIG pioneered tricolor imaging for amateurs by developing hardware and software to register and color balance Red, Green, and Blue images that display spectral emission of deep space objects. When interference filters are carefully selected to match the spectral regions of ionized gases the images taken through the filters can be summed together to represent the distribution of these gases. Tricolor images are taken through the CFW-8A Color Filter Wheel and processed with CCDOPS, CCDSoftV5, or third party software. The primary color images are taken through Red, Green and Blue filters. After the images are taken they are processed with the software to co-align the Red, Green and Blue images. The co-aligned image is then color balanced on the computer monitor to become a tricolor RGB image, which can then be saved to disk. A similar process is used to make LRGB images except that a greyscale luminance image is added for detail. CCDOPS software also allows the user to perform image processing functions such as smoothing and sharpening as well as saving images in TIFF format. The raw images can also be saved in a variety of formats for export to any of the many commercially available software programs for color image processing such as Maxim DL and Photoshop.

The CFW-8 system is designed to be "direct connected" to any ST-7/8/9/10/2000 imaging camera for a thinner, more rigid mounting. An optional male-to-male t-thread adapter is also available allowing easier (but less rigid) attachment and detachment for occasional use. On the front end a variety of optional T-Thread accessories are available including 1.25 inch and 2 inch diameter nose pieces as well as a "Visual Back Adapter" for direct connection to SCT's. A new optional accessory is the AO adapter plate which makes it possible to firmly connect the camera, filter wheel and AO-7 without using a screw-in t-thread adapter.

The CFW-8 is operated through the CCDOPS software and utilizes a closed loop stepper motor system with positional accuracy of 0.01 inches. It holds up to five standard 1.25" diameter thread-in filters. It is available with Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) interference filter sets and a clear filter (focusing). The new SBIG RGB filters also block Infrared (IR) so an inline IR Blocking filter is no longer required. These filters are mounted in standard size cells that normally fit into 1.25" eyepiece barrels. The CFW-8 adds back focus of approximately 1 inch. The CFW-8 can produce photographic quality tricolor images that rival color astrophotographs. However, these RGB images also contain an entirely new and added level of valuable information; the identification and distribution of different ionized gasses in an object.

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