JMI Reverse Crayford Focuser 2 inch RCF-1 Model 1 Newtonian Version with Motor $296.99,Free Shipping,  JMI RCF1M,Telescope Accessories Accessories, New
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JMI Reverse Crayford Focuser 2 inch RCF-1 Model 1 Newtonian Version with Motor

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Sale Price: $296.99
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JMI Reverse Crayford Focuser RCF-1, 2" w/ motor RCF1M

Item No. 765-61511
Manuf. No. JMI RCF1M

Free Shipping (within the 48 contiguous US States only)

JMI Reverse Crayford Focuser RCF-1, 2" w/ motor RCF1M

A 2" Reverse Crayford focuser. Regular motorized versions include a standard hand unit. (Specify the Interchangeable Base options.)

See RCF Options, Focuser Comparison Chart and Focuser Accessories Page. (Specify all options and accessories when ordering.)

Factory Assembled without motor, Part Number RCF1 Factory Assembled with motor, Part Number RCF1M

(Kit Version without motor, Part Number RCFK Kit Version with motor, Part Number RCFKM

* For all RCF focusers you must specify whether you want a flat or curved base. For curved bases, you need to specify the radius. If you don't, you will get the standard size radius. Please specify your selection by one of the two methods listed here:


Select one of the options below to add your desired specs to the shopping cart.


Place a note in the shopping cart Comments area specifying "Flat Base" or "Curved Base" and the appropriate radius for the curved base. (Diameter = 2 x Radius)


When using a laser collimator, keep in mind that there will be slight deviations in the laser beam when moving the drawtube through the full length of travel. This deviation is not noticeable visually, is only a small fraction of the amount present with a normal rack-and-pinion focuser and is completely eliminated with the higher quality of most of the NGF focusers.

Due to the design of this focuser, the knobs are at a 90-degree orientation from most, placing the drive shaft perpendicular to the optical tube when using a curved base.

The Kit versions of the RCF are shipped unassembled. Proper assembly is the responsibility of the customer. JMI will not be responsible for any damage during assembly. Kit versions can only be purchased directly from JMI.

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