Vixen 110mm Diameter Modified Cassegrain f/9.4 Telescope VMC-110L with Porta Mount $499.99,  Vixen 39955,Reflecting Telescopes, Best Rated
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  Vixen Reflecting Telescopes
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Vixen 110mm Diameter Modified Cassegrain f/9.4 Telescope VMC-110L with Porta Mount

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Sale Price: $499.99
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Vixen VMC110L 110MM Modified Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope w/ Porta Mount 33530

Item No. 105-11110
Manuf. No. Vixen 39955

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The Vixen VMC110L, a 110 mm (4.33 inch) aperture modified Cassegrain f/9.4 optical tube assembly is intriguing in its own right with interesting features including curved vane Secondary Mirror Spider to reduce diffraction effects, and a correcting meniscus lens just ahead of the Secondary Mirror as its larger cousins the VMC200L and VMC260L incorporate.

The PORTA comes equipped with two fine adjustment handles for whole circle slow motion in both directions. It is useful for fine motion used in searching and tracking of celestial objects. In addition it is a great mount for terrestrial viewing.

Vixen's gear drives make it a simple matter to precisely track a planet or a ship on the horizon by simply turning the elevation and or azimuth control handles. The World-Standard dovetail attachment system on PORTA was developed by Vixen. This allows the PORTA to accept various dovetail mounted optical tubes and binoculars.


  • Compact optical tube with VMC optical system having a meniscus in front of a secondary mirror
  • Curved secondary mirror braces helping to cut down diffraction
  • Buit-in flip mirror allowing to install two different power eyepieces or to photograph objects quickly
  • Optical System VMC (Vixen's original Maksutov-Cassegrain)
  • Primary mirror Multi-coated precision spherical mirror
  • Effective aperture 110mm
  • Focal length (focal ratio) 1035mm (f/9.4)
  • Resolving power 1.05 arc seconds
  • Limiting magnitude 12,0
  • Light gathering power 247x
  • Finder Dot finder (no magnifying power)
  • Dimensions Outer diameter: 125mm
  • length: 360mm
  • Weight 2.1 kgs
Item Includes
  • VMC-110L 110mm Diameter Modified Cassegrain f/9.4 Optical Tube Assembly
  • Eyepiece PL-25mm (31.7mm)
  • Allen wrench
  • Porta Mount
Includes eyepieces.

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