Astrozap Flexi-Heat dew shield for 6 inch Meade SN-6 LXD55 / 75 Schmidt-Newtonians Telescopes $64.00,  Astrozap AZ-800,Telescope Accessories Accessories, Top Selling
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Astrozap Flexi-Heat dew shield for 6 inch Meade SN-6 LXD55 / 75 Schmidt-Newtonians Telescopes

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Astrozap Heated Flexi Dewshield for 6" Meade LXD55 / 75 AZ800

Item No. 793-10800
Manuf. No. Astrozap AZ-800

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This Flexi-Heat heated dew shield AZ-800 fits Meade 6" SN-6 LXD55/75 Schmidt-Newtonian telescopes. The flexible plastic rollup dew shield is made of black ABS plastic and lined with black felt to absorb both moisture and light. Its Velcro closures are sewn in place for durability.

The heater strip draws only 0.80 amps at full power (although power consumption at normal operating levels will generally be considerably less, particularly with the heat-conserving properties of the dew shield itself). It has a permanently attached 6 power cord terminated by a male RCA plug for connection to an optional (but required) heater control unit.

Flexi-Heat Dew Shields - The Heat is On!

Until now, standard unheated dew shields could only prolong the onset of dew formation. Depending on your geographic location, a simple dew shield may be all that is required. (Dew shields are also great for blocking stray light from reaching your optics.) However, in moist climates, dew can still creep up on you within a short period and your viewing session is over.

Why not add some heat?

Our Flexi-Heat Dew Shields direct the heat right to your optical tube assembly, thus eliminating any chance of dew formation. Guaranteed!

What makes it work? The source of heat is a thick film heater manufactured for operation at 12 volts. Sixty-six percent of the surface area is heat emitting - this means more even heat distribution and no localized hot spots or burnouts often associated with resistance wire heaters. Best of all, it won't create heat wave disturbances.

Our Flexi-Heat Dew Shields come with a six foot phono-plug cable and are compatible with Thosand Oaks, Kendrick and Dew Buster controllers. Optional cigarette lighter adapters are available for use without controllers.

The Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shields are made from durable yet light weight ABS plastic and lined with black felt to help increase contrast. A 2-inch sewn neoprene rubber Mega Grip material wraps snugly around the telescope optical tube assembly, keeping the dew shield in place, and eliminating any chance of dew formation!

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