HOWIE GLATTER 1.25 - 2" BARLOWED LASER COLLIMATOR-650NM $185.00,  Howie Glatter HGLC2-1.25-650B,Telescope Accessories Accessories, Cheapest Price
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Howie Glatter
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MSRP: $259.00
Sale Price: $185.00
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Item No. 747-10016
Manuf. No. Howie Glatter HGLC2-1.25-650B

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A single beam laser can be used to align the secondary mirror to the focuser axis. When the primary is aligned, however, a Barlow must be used to align the return beam-the single beam is not accurate enough. Howie Glatter can provide a Barlow attachment with the laser (order a laser with the self-Barlow attachment), you can use your own Barlow, or you can buy a Howie Glatter BLUG to fit your focuser (simply the easiest way to use a laser for primary collimation).

  • 3 sizes: 1-1/4", 2", and 1-1/4"/2" combination. Use the size that fits your scope or scopes. Scope City has separate part numbers for each size.
  • 3 colors: 635nm (red) for use at twilight, 650nm (deep red) for use during the night, and 532nm (green) for use in bright daylight. Scope City has separate part numbers for each color.
  • 4 versions of each laser size and color: Single Beam, Holgraphic beam (removable), self-barlowed (for primary collimation), and holographic version with Barlow attachment. Scope City has separate numbers for each type.
  • Holographic laser has a removable diffractive element that produces a 10-line by 10-line grid to help center optical elements. It is matched to the laser, so cannot be retro-fitted except by the manufacturer.
  • Class IIIa lasers, 5mW maximum-relatively safe, but don't point at the eyes.
  • Solid state laser diode does not fade or change.
  • Factory-aligned to 15 arc-seconds (about 0.1 inch at 20 feet distance-smaller than the beam itself)
  • Shock resistant-arrives perfectly aligned and stays that way even if dropped.
  • 1mm aperture stop (included) reduces beam point to a tiny point with diffraction rings around it, just like a star. This makes centering the beam quite easy.
  • 123A lithium battery (provided) lasts for 40 hrs of use (est: several years)
  • included: laser, battery, case, collimation rings for mirror, instructions

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