Farpoint Counterweights - 3 lb. Set for the 12-inch Meade LightBridge telescopes $54.99,  Farpoint FP300,Telescope Accessories Accessories, Top Rated
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Farpoint Counterweights - 3 lb. Set for the 12-inch Meade LightBridge telescopes

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Sale Price: $54.99
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Farpoint 12-inch LightBridge Counterweights - 3 lb. Set

Item No. 781-10000
Manuf. No. Farpoint FP300

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Farpoint Astronomical Research introduces a basic counterweight set for the 12-inch Meade LightBridge telescopes. The "core set¯ consists of three 1 lb. weights that attach to the rear of the mirror cell. These weights replace the ¯push¯ or locking screws, making them a bolt-on addition.* This "core set¯ properly balances the telescope for use with a large 2-inch eyepiece and a finder scope or Telrad.

Additional clamp-on ring weights that work in conjunction with this set will be available soon. The additional weights will allow for the balancing of larger top-end loads (i.e., eyepiece + Telrad + finder scope). *Before using this product, we recommended that the mirror cell springs be upgraded with the ¯Bob¯s Knobs¯ collimation thumbscrew kit.

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