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Telrad Dew Shield PLUS
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Telrad Dew Shield PLUS

Item No. 767-70060

This lightweight plastic dew shield allows using the Telrad without having to turn your head upside down to see through it when observing at the zenith.

The Dew Shield Plus attaches to the Telrad finder using existing screws at the rear of the finder body. It pivots forward to cover the Telrad viewing plate to retard the formation of dew when the finder is not in use. Simply pivot the dew shield back for an unobstructed straight-through view through the Telrad. Friction holds the dew shield in either an open or closed position. The amount of friction can be adjusted by tightening the two screws that hold the dew shield to its metal attachment brackets.

When observing at the zenith, flip the Dew Shield Plus all the way back and lower its built-in first surface mirror from its stored position to an angle 45 degrees to the optical tube. This allows you to look down towards the optical tube to see a reflection of the view forward through the Telrad viewing plate and reticle at a right angle to the normal line of sight. The second feature illustration below, ęDew Shield Plus set up for right angle viewing," will show better than words how the system works for right angle viewing.

This Dew Shield Plus is a simple device that can greatly extend the time you can use a Telrad before dewing fogs the Telrad viewing plate. It also increases the lifespan of the Telrad reticle, which can become damaged from the constant collection of dew on its surface. Best of all, it can eliminate the pain in the neck you can get trying to use the Telrad when your scope is pointed at the zenith.

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