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MEADE #610 DEW SHIELD 10" 07283

  Meade Telescope Accessories Accessories
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Meade #610 Dew Shield 10

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Sale Price: $169.99
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Meade #610 Dew Shield 10"

Item No. 712-92030
Manuf. No. Meade 07283

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Designed to help minimize dew formation on your 10"; LX90 or LX200 Series Telscopes. Also acts as a natural barrier to help keep stray light from hitting your corrector plate and causing "optical flaring".

Dew Shields: In moist climates water particles suspended in the atmosphere may condense on the front surface of the telescope's correcting plate. This dew formation may be inhibited to a significant extent by the addition of a Dew Shield.

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