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Parks Optical
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Parks Observatory Series Telescopes 12.5

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Parks 12.5 IN f5 Observatory System Reflector

Item No. 101-10300
Manuf. No. Parks Optical 101-10300

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Parks Optical Observatory Series 12.5" f/5 Telescope

Designed for the serious astronomer or astrophotographer, this system is equally at home in a backyard observatory or in a university. The Parks Observatory series is not a high volume, assembly line telescope. It is custom manufactured, individually machined and hand assembled in-house. The optics, mechanics, and electronics are of unsurpassed quality. With this remarkable system, you see not only the famed Ring Nebula (M-57), but you can easily see the 15th magnitude central star. See the elusive veil Nebula in Cygnus NGC 6960, with its wispy filamentary structure and the famous Crab Nebula in Taurus (M-1).

The foundation of the Observatory system is a massive, electronically controlled equatorial mount with 2" diameter stainless steel shafts in right ascension and declination. Four precision, double sealed, heave-duty roller bearings provide the stability, quality, accuracy, and smoothness necessary for serious astronomy. Surrounding the bearings are heavy-duty, thick walled aluminum housings. This equatorial head is supported on a large 8 5/8" diameter steel tube pier column with three heavy-duty cast aluminum legs.

All mirrors are ground, polished, and hand figured completely in-house for diffraction-limited results. The optics is contained in a genuine Parks low thermal conductive fiberglass tube. The tube provides room around the mirror for air movement without disturbing the images. A large 8x50 right angle/straight through finderscope is standard, as is a 2" rack and secondary mirror holder are adjustable for alignment purposes. The fully machined rotating ring system allows convenient positioning of the focuser for photographic and visual purposes.

The observatory mount is equipped with a "state-of-the-art" electronic clock drive/drive corrector. This electronic system includes: internal circuitry for dual-axis corrections; lunar, solar, and sidereal rate selections; variable speed adjustments; reversing declination switch; a "built-in" 6 hour reserve power gel cell. A unique feature of the clock drive is its worm system that disengages for easy and precise balancing of the telescope. Spring loaded worm gear clutch plates allow for tension adjustment when necessary.

As supplied, the telescope may be powered by either 12 volt or 120 volt current. A cigarette plug adapter can be interfaced with either battery clip adapters or the 120-volt power supply (220V available as option). Twelve-inch diameter, solid aluminum, laser etched setting circles make the deep sky object hunt easier.

The declination axis features an exclusive tangent arm system that allows electronic and manual slow motion tracking. Also includes a newly designed spring loaded, quick release/centering, and anti-backlash tangent nut device.

Specifications of the Parks Optical Observatory Series 12.5" f/5 Telescope:

Includes: 12.5" f/5 Primary Mirror, 12.5" Primary Mirror Cell, 3.10" Secondary Mirror, 3.10" Secondary Mirror Holder, 15 7/8" 4 Vane Spider, 2.00" Rack & Pinion Focuser, 15 7/8" ID (16 5/6" OD) x 62" Fiberglass Tube (gloss white exterior, Matt-black non-reflective interior), (2) End Rings, 8x50mm Finderscope with Bracket, (2) Gold Series 1.25" OD Oculars, Collimation Tool, (2) Dust Covers, 15.87" Rotating Ring System, 15.87" Radius Block Set, Optical Certificate and Instructions.

OBSERVATORY EQUATORIAL MOUNT includes: 2.5" Solid Stainless Steel Shafts, 8.62" Diameter Steel Pier, (3) Cast Pier Legs, 12.5" Engraved Aluminum Setting Circles, Worm/Gear are Individually Matched, Spring Loaded Worm Gear Assembly, State-of-the-art Low Voltage Clock Drive with Dual Axis Drive Corrector, Lunar-Solar-Sidereal Selectable Tracking Rates, Dual Axes Hand Control Unit, Heavy Duty Declination Motor, Declination Reverse Switch, Spring Loaded Quick Release Anti-Backlash Declination Tangent System (Manual/Electronic), R.A. Setting Circle Illuminator, 120VAC Power Supply, 12VDC Plug/Clips, Wheels, Leveling Screws, Counter Weight Shaft, Counter Weight, Latitude Adjustment.

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