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Optec SSP Dataq2 photometer control, data acquisition and data reduction package for UBVRI

Item No. 782-22700
Manuf. No. Optec 17030

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SSP Dataq2 photometer control, data acquisition and data reduction package for UBVRI

This software program is an expansion of the freeware SSPDataq available with the SSP photometers or from Optec software download site. Program supports UBVRI data acquisition and complete data reduction. The registered setup program is e-mailed to the user after purchase. We require a valid e-mail address for delivery. A CD with the program can be provided if requested.

SSPDataq2 Data Acquisition Software The freeware SSPDataq that ships with every SSP-4 and SSP-5 is only able to do B-V photometry. In order to use the U, R, and I filters, an expanded version of SSPDataq has been written and is now available as SSPDataq2. However, this version is not freeware but is sold as copyrighted and serial numbered software.

The operation and use of the program is very much like SSPDataq but with many expanded features. Some of these include:

  • Ability to find extinction and transformation coefficients for all U, B, V, R and I filters
  • Easy to make script files to automate the data acquisition process
  • Users choice of using epsilon based on B-V or V-R in the calculation for standard V magnitude
  • Improved serial communications error handling
  • Day normal or night dark red screen color for SSPDataq2 control program
The package is available as a self installing executable file that can be e-mailed to your after purchase. File size is approximatley 2 MBytes in compressed form. Updates are free to registered users on Optec Software Download web page.


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