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Best Nebula Filters

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Nebula Name Best filter
M1 Crab nebula UHC
M8 Lagoon Nebula UHC
M16 Eagle Nebula UHC
M17 Swan Nebula O-III
M20 Trifid Nebula UHC
M27 Dumbbell Nebula UHC
M42 Orion Nebula UHC
M43 Orion Nebula H-Beta
M57 Ring Nebula UHC
M76 Little Dumbbell Nebula UHC
M97 Owl Nebula O-III
NGC246 Skull Nebula O-III
NGC281 Pac-Man Nebula UHC
NGC604 in M33 O-III
NGC896/IC1795   UHC
NGC1360   O-III
NGC1491   UHC
NGC1499 California Nebula H-Beta
NGC1514 Crystal Ball Nebula O-III
NGC1999   none
NGC2022   O-III
NGC2024 Flame Nebula UHC
NGC2174   UHC
NGC2327   H-Beta
NGC2237-2239 Rosette Nebula UHC
NGC2264 Cone Nebula UHC
NGC2359 Thor's Helmet O-III
NGC2371-2   O-III
NGC2392 Eskimo Nebula O-III
NGC2436   UHC
NGC2438 in M46 O-III
NGC2440   UHC
NGC3242 Ghost of Jupiter UHC
NGC4361   UHC
NGC6210   O-III
NGC6302 The Bug Nebula O-III
NGC6334   UHC
NGC6357   O-III
NGC6445   UHC
NGC6543 CatsEye Nebula O-III
NGC6559   UHC
NGC6781   O-III
NGC6804   O-III
NGC6888 Crescent Nebula O-III
NGC6905 Blue Flash Nebula UHC
NGC6960-6995 The Veil Nebula O-III
NGC7000 North America Nebula O-III
NGC7008   O-III
NGC7009 Saturn Nebula none
NGC7023   Deep Sky
NGC7026   O-III
NGC7027   O-III
NGC7048   O-III
NGC7129-7133   UHC
NGC7139   O-III
NGC7293 Helix Nebula O-III
NGC7538   UHC
NGC7635 Bubble nebula O-III
NGC7662 Blue Snowball none
NGC7822   UHC
IC405 Flaming Star Nebula Deep Sky
IC410   O-III
IC417   H-Beta
IC434/B33 Horsehead Nebula H-Beta
IC1318   H-Beta
IC1396   UHC
IC1848   UHC
IC2177 Seagull Nebula H-Beta
IC4628   UHC
IC5067-70 Pelican nebula UHC
IC5076 inNGC6991 H-Beta
IC5146 Cocoon Nebula H-Beta
PK64+5.1 Campbell's Hydrogen Star H-Beta
PK164+31.1 Headphone Nebula UHC
PK205+14.1 Medusa Nebula O-III
Sh2-13   UHC
Sh2-54   UHC
Sh2-84   UHC
Sh2-101   UHC
Sh2-112   O-III
Sh2-132   O-III
Sh2-142   O-III
Sh2-155   Deep Sky
Sh2-157   UHC
Sh2-170   UHC
Sh2-171   UHC
Sh2-235   H-Beta
Sh2-254-5-6-7-8 inIC2162 H-Beta
Sh2-261   UHC
Sh2-276 Barnard's Loop H-Beta
Sh2-311 in NGC2467 UHC
vdB93(Gum-1) near IC2177 H-Beta

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